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Buyers Tips

Paula’s Tips For Home Buyers

Future Considerations

  • Even if the quality of a school district doesn’t matter to you now, remember it might someday to another buyer.
  • Pay attention to floor plans; changing the layouts of rooms later can be costly. If you think you may need more space in the near future, be sure the house and lot will allow for expansion.
  • Redoing a kitchen can be expensive. Be sure you know what you need and want before you buy.

Money Saving Ideas

  • Points paid by either party on the purchase of your own residence is deductible on your taxes.
  • If the present owner has a title insurance policy less than 3 years old, you could have substantial savings by buying a reissue of that policy rather than a completely new one.
  • Ask about the original listing date of the homes you inspect. Sellers tend to be more flexible in price the longer the home is on the market.

Value Added Features

  • A roof that complements the style of a home and is well maintained adds to the home’s visual appeal and its resale value.
  • The most popular exterior wall choices are brick, wood siding and stucco, with half of all home shoppers preferring brick.
  • Wood floors suggest warmth, quality and good taste and are an asset when it comes time to sell a house.
  • Deciduous trees on south and west sides of the home provide shade in the summer and allow the sun to warm the house in the winter.

DON’T Make These Mistakes…

  • Don’t buy an unusual home if you plan to resell soon. Buying a house whose style is uniquely individual tends to minimize, not maximize, its resale value.
  • Don’t buy a house with foundation problems unless you get a good unbiased diagnosis from a professional with moisture control experience, because repairs can be very expensive.